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headshot session

The following tips are recommendations. The more of them you can implement, the better.

General information

A basic idea at the beginning: It’s about your face. For everything else, less is more. Naturally. Subtle. Clean, plain. Nothing should distract – so that the face can make an impression.

Headshots have the focus on the face and here not only your life is reflected but often also the day before. Make sure that you get enough sleep in the days before and drink as much liquid as possible. Both help the body to feel good and the skin in particular to look fresh and good.

If possible, avoid excessive stress before the shooting. Believe me, you will notice every tension in your face. Come relaxed and in a good mood!


Depending on what you want to use the headshots for, you should choose your outfit. For private use like Facebook and Co it can be a casual outfit. For business purposes, e.g. for LinkedIn, Xing, the resume photo or the company website, you should choose the appropriate outfit.

Even today “clothes make people” is still valid and the clothes have a big influence on the impression you leave on the viewer.
Since the body can only be seen above the belt line, or more precisely: from the chest upwards, only tops are important. Of course there can also be some dresses. But it doesn’t matter if you wear skirt or trousers. The most important characteristic: it should be comfortable.

Bring several items of clothing that you like and feel comfortable in. They should also fit you. The bigger the selection, the better. We make the selection together in the studio.

You can also be cheeky and simply try out new clothes. Leave the labels on it and keep the receipt and then decide after the shooting whether the piece lands in the wardrobe or is returned. If the store allows such an exchange.

Kragenformen Headshot Kleidung Frau

Think also of clothes that do not remind of the season. In summer you can wear a sweater and in winter a t-shirt or top. You want to use the picture all year round and not be seen in winter clothes in summer.

Recommended are at least 5 different tops in different colors and shades. Anyway, without any conspicuous patterning (keyword Hawaii). You know best what suits you.

Please pay attention to the necklines, not everyone is suitable for a headshot.


Scarves or similar accessories are unsuitable for head shots. Anything that distracts from the face should be avoided. This includes necklaces, amulets, large earrings, etc. Small ear studs are always ok. If Piercings are a part of your personality, your decision.


Headshots are photos that should show you as naturally as possible. That doesn’t mean ” no make-up “. The photos are also not beauty shots, there are some gradations in between.

Basically it is important to note that the sensor of a camera “sees” the colors a bit differently than our eyes do. Therefore, in general, less is more – at least at the beginning. The makeup should look natural and rather subtle. Currently this is called a “nude look”. Make-up that you don’t see. You can still “repaint” if necessary, the other way round is more laborious.

With my headshot sessions you have the choice. Variant 1: You already come to the studio with the finished make-up you want for the shooting.

Variant 1a would be the possibility to use the make-up service in one of the MAC stores. Depending on the availability of the artists, this is possible at any location. The store closest to the studio is located in the Donauzentrum in a Douglas branch. However, appointments should be made in good time so that the timing is right.

Variant 2: if you want to get professional make-up and get the latest trends, tips and tricks from a first hand make-up artist (MUA), we will book a MUA for you. You will then be professionally styled immediately before the shooting. For make-up you have to plan at least 30 minutes extra, if the hairstyle should also get a final touch, then you have to calculate with one hour more time.

But if you are professional enough and do the make-up yourself like most people do, that’s fine. Nevertheless a few tips: Then take mascara and eyeliner with you. A non-greasy moisturizer helps the skin to “shine” more.

Skin impurities do not have to be covered. Such things are removed by the retoucher afterwards. However, if you feel more comfortable, you can cover the problem areas selectively. Do not “smear” the pores with powder or creams. Avoid also the use of products with “Glow-Effect”. The glitter parts reflect the light too much and it looks strange on the photo.

Lipstick in “signal color” is not always suitable, discreet “nude” tones can also emphasize lips and do not distract. In any case, take a neutral lip gloss with you, which gives the lips a matt shimmer. Or simply a care stick for dry lips.


If you wear glasses or would like to have glasses in the picture, then take these with you. If you have several frames. Even better. Today glasses are a fashionable accessory. Tinted to dark sunglasses are as well, but they cover the eyes and we don’t need that with headshots. The eyes are ambassadors of your personality of the first degree.

Hair and Styling

Hair and hairstyle are very individual, so you should come already ” hairdressed” – like on a “Good Hair Day”. Or just like what you feel like on that day.

If you have long hair, it’s best to first come with open hair to avoid kinks. Please take appropriate accessories like hair bands, clips, etc. with you, so that we can also make a tucked up hairstyle or a ponytail.

Freshly washed hair makes a neat impression. You know your hair best. If they charge up easily statically, you should take a hair oil or another suitable care product with you so that we can get the flying strands under control more easily.

Finally, a few words about the eyebrows. These change the type just as much as glasses. The naturally grown form does not necessarily have to be the best solution, but often even creative make-up artists go beyond the target. Try here, as far as possible, to be you yourself.

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