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I am Headshots-Vienna

I am one of about 100 worldwide authorized Associate Photoraphers of Peter Hurley

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Over the course of my life, I have developed a distinct passion for photography. During all these years, I was able to gain experience in almost all areas of this craft and until recently, I could not decide on any specialization. There was no reason for me to do so either, because every genre of photography represents an exciting challenge.

When I dedicated myself more to the topic “Fine Art Portrait” I realized that this is exactly right up my alley: interacting with people. Just as I experienced and practiced it every day in my profession as a real estate broker.

My encounter with Peter Hurley a short time later was fateful, in the truest sense of the word. Peter Hurley is a photographer based in New York City and is well known as the guru of the stylized form of the commercial portrait that we know today as a headshot. His headshots have an unmistakable look.

Peter Hurley has a studio in New York City (peterhurley.com) and is the founder and mastermind of the HEADSHOT CREW (headshotcrew.com). This is a network of photographers in over 30 countries around the world specializing in headshots.

Peter is one of my teachers and mentors today. He has not only made the white background and the even the particular illumination of his subjects popular in headshot photography. He is especially known for helping people in front of his camera to act authentically, which is why his headshots capture the personality of the subject in a special way.

I’m actively involved in Peter’s teaching and mentoring group called the HEADSHOT CREW and I’m based in Vienna, Austria.

As an Associate of Peter Hurley, my goal for all those who stand in front of my camera is therefore, the same as his:

I try to capture a look that is unique to that person. We all have unique facial expressions and gestures that define our personality. This approach aims to create an image that shows something in a person’s facial expression, posture and body language that attracts the viewer’s attention and leaves a positive impression.” Peter Hurley

We can make magic together. A portrait is not made in the camera, but on either side of it.

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I am Headshots Vienna
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