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The New Portrait Your Digital Businesscard

No picture, no face. Personal self-marketing or personal branding has become a matter of course in the modern, digitalised world. Whether we like it or not, we contribute every day to the further development of our personality – and share this with our friends and contacts, ultimately the whole world, via our profile picture. Your profile on professional and social networks such as Xing, LinkedIn or Facebook means personal branding.

Facebook is also called Facebook for a good reason: A meaningful profile picture that reflects you and your entire personality on the social networks is central. In the truest sense of the word, this is about showing your face.

An application, an offer flyer, the presentation as a speaker or keynote speaker. All this is also personal branding. They transport your personal brand and in no case can you do without a profile picture. It is the logo, your visual business card of your digital identity. Our name and our face are the most important assets on the web.

The profile picture represents you as a personality, it can have a positive effect or it does the opposite. Whether in business or private life. In the Web, the transitions are now fluid.

So take a look at your current headshot. Is it doing you and your company justice?

If not, it’s time to fire it and get the job done right.

What is a Headshot

Put simply, a Headshot is a picture of your face. But it’s not just a photo, it’s the face you show the world. And this world only takes a split of a second to judge what it thinks of you. What a Headshot really does and represents is all the more important. In the superficial online world, a Headshot may be your only chance to make a first impression. This thumbnail is what people you’ve never met have in mind every time they think of you. You should pay particular attention to the quality and style of the photo to match what you want the viewer to see of you as a person. Your credibility depends on it. A professional Headshot could be the critical factor in whether you get the new job or order or a potential customer contacts you. A good headshot will get people to work with you!

Headshot Costs

How much a headshot costs is the most frequently asked question. Your profile picture can cost you your reputation. There is a saying that you have to dress for the job you want. If you want to be taken seriously in your field, you have to make sure that you look the part. Take a look at your current profile picture and ask yourself the following questions: Does this person look confident? Does he or she look professional? Do you trust this person? Do you get a sense of this person’s personality? Is this someone you want to meet? Would you hire this person? If you didn’t answer yes to all these questions immediately, your profile photo could be holding you back. Spending money on a quality Headshot now could potentially save you thousands in missed opportunities.



Can you get the job done? A good headshot makes people trust you, and want to hire you.


Having a great headshot makes you stand out of the crowd, and ensures you won’t be looked over.


A good headshot will make people want to work with you. You don’t want to look mean, scared, or sad.

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Headshots – Build Your Personal Brand
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