A picture can make or brake your career

Use a Headshot to establish your personal brand

No picture, no face. Personal branding has become a matter of course in the modern, digitalised world.

If you use a picture of yourself in any professional setting like LinkedIn or Xing which might engage your potential clients, vendors, business partners, employers or employees, that means branding.

A Headshot is your logo, your virtual business card of your digital identity in any application, like an offer flyer, the announcement as a speaker or even the editorial on a book cover. All this is personal branding or can be part of your corporate branding. Our name and our face are the most important assets on the web.

The profile picture represents you as a personality. It can have a positive effect or it does the opposite.

Because first impression matters

This is an automatic process of perception. In primeval times, we had to decide very quickly whether our counterpart was dangerous or whether we could trust him. These fractions of a second could decide life or death.

This basic instinct is still there. Well, the good news is that you can affect the first impression in a positive way.

It’s up to you to decide, which first impression you will give to others. Whether in business or private life. On the Web, the transitions between these both areas are fluent anyway.

Take a look at your current Headshot. Does it show you the way you want to be seen?

If not, it’s time to fire it and get the job done right.

Why take a Headshot

A Headshot is The New Portrait Your Digital Businesscard Your first Impression

A headshot is a very special kind of portrait (what’s the difference?) with a very special task. It must create a positive impression on the viewer in a split second. The crucial first impression. Not only in the superficial online world there is no second chance for a first impression.

Often only this small picture in your profile remains in the minds of people you have never met before while they think of you. You should therefore pay particular attention to the quality and style of the picture you show the world.

Many things in the future might depend on it. That’s why it’s not a good idea to skip the ‘professional‘ part of ‘Professional Headshot‘ and just take a selfie instead. There are a number of valid reasons to use a Professional Headshot. It could be the key factor whether people want to partner with you, you get the new job, you win an order or a potential customer contacts you.

A professional HEADSHOT can give you:


A Professional Headshot builds trust. In your person and what you do.

more visibility

Stand out from the crowd with a Professional Headshot

more likability

A Professional Headshot builds a bridge to your new contacts

Ready for a Headshot?

He's such a good coach in front of the camera


Udo's work is amazing. The shots turned out so well. I've never had such good headshots.

Jessica J. Wissenschafterin

The whole experience has been superb


I'm not usually comfortable in front of the camera, but Udo made me feel at ease right away. The photos themselves are the best I've ever had. Highly recommended!

Andy B. Product Manager

He develops the perfect headshot in a highly interactive process


Q: How many perfect headshots does one need? A: One! Udo delivers. Only problem: At the end of your session there might be a couple of perfect shots and you still have to choose the one that represents you best. And that's because Udo does not impose any one-trick-pony style on his clients but rather develops the perfect headshot in a highly interactive process. Udo's photography is as much about the result as about the process.

Ritchie P. Unternehmer

I'm your Headshot Photographer in Vienna

Call me, write me. We will clarify your needs, discuss details and then arrange a shooting appointment. I am looking forward to it!

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